A Wildman Odyssey is the story of a young man whose mind is destroyed by televised portrayals of masculinity. As he is numbed by television, his incorporeal “Inner Wildman” separates from his corporeal body and goes on a journey to discover who this young man really is. The results are all at once ridiculous, comic, tragic – and exceptionally geeky.

The Passion of the Last Temptation of the Whatsisface. Video Stills from cut-out animation, 2010.

In The Passion of the Last Temptation of the Whatsisface, the clueless everyman, known simply as The Whatsisface, is confronted with questions of his ultimate significance as a male. While radical feminists attempt to sacrifice him, he is offered a chance to live as a “real man,” with terrifyingly amusing results.

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